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On Friday i got towed away. I was very confused because i did not know why?
Later on i found out that i got stolen. Good thing is that they found me. After a day long odyssey on tuesday doing everything (Police, US-Tow Office, US-Tow carpark, Batterie Store, Gas Station;) i got home to my new carpark near home in Venice. Whow. Now i have a new batterie, a safe carpark and lucky i did not get lost. Happy days………


A brown Cutlass Supreme starring next to Lee Majors in
The Six Million Dollar Man, TV Series, 1974-1978.

My name is Betsy Blue, i am an 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I live in Los Angeles California. This is the bolg about  my adventures in the city of Angels. Stay tuned and enjoy.