It was nice to find the perfect parking spot right in front of our house. This helped me a little over the wired parking fine i got. I bought a parking ticket at a public parking lot and got a ticket anyway because i was occupying 2 spots. Boring 63$, yes no kidding. But anyway let’s occupy the streets.


Yes, I am starring in another movie. I can’t tell you more right now, all i know it was a fun day. Driving all day around Chino and Buena Park. With my new shocks even the big holes in the highways did not bother me too much.

It’s good to be back on the road.

On Friday i got towed away. I was very confused because i did not know why?
Later on i found out that i got stolen. Good thing is that they found me. After a day long odyssey on tuesday doing everything (Police, US-Tow Office, US-Tow carpark, Batterie Store, Gas Station;) i got home to my new carpark near home in Venice. Whow. Now i have a new batterie, a safe carpark and lucky i did not get lost. Happy days………

I Just got my new shoestrings, i like them a lot and put them on as soon as possible, what do you think ?

A brown Cutlass Supreme starring next to Lee Majors in
The Six Million Dollar Man, TV Series, 1974-1978.

Here we are at my favorite carwash at Main Street in Santa Monica. The best foam ever…

My name is Betsy Blue, i am an 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I live in Los Angeles California. This is the bolg about  my adventures in the city of Angels. Stay tuned and enjoy.